AbdulRahman Al-Naim Consultant Engineers Office

one of Saudi Arabia's oldest and largest multi-disciplinary engineering and architectural firms, founded in 1983 (1403H) by Architectural Engineer AbdulRahman Abdullah Al-Naim. It is a 100% Saudi privately owned, sole proprietorship, Engineering Consultancy firm.

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ACE is a leading Saudi professional association. For the past two decades we have shared in the development of the construction industry in Saudi Arabia. Since 1983, our firm has continually improved the quality of our architectural and construction practices; hence, we adopt the latest technology, building systems, management and control processes. Through these efforts, our association has kept pace with the rapid development of our country.

ACE now comprises a workforce of more than (300) Engineers, Architects, Consultants, Designers (CADD), Technicians, and Support Staff. Projects of the firm encompass every aspect of development from cities, Industrial Centers, Hospitals, Schools & Universities, Highways, Bridges, Water, Sewerage, Drainage, Irrigation, Landscaping, Urban Planning, Dams, Marine Facilities, Desalination Plants, Treatment Plants, Power and Telecommunication Systems.

ACE can provide all the services necessary to take a project from initial feasibility studies and conceptualization through detailed Design Engineering, Project Management, Construction Supervision, Procurement Assistance, Commissioning, and finally Operation and Maintenance. It can also furnish each of these services individually, or assemble them in a combination to meet a specific set of needs.

In addition to the Headquarters Office in Hofuf, ACE has an Eastern Region Office, located in Khobar, and International Office in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We also have an international office in Cairo registered as CityConsult which supports all in Kingdom offices in the field of design and consultancy. The firm's familiarity with each region of the Kingdom is of special value in assuring the successful completion of a project, including the securing and evaluation of bids, overseeing procurement and managing and supervising construction. The de-centralized, flexible, structure of ACE was created in response to the special demands of its vast operating area. Because business and development requirements vary significantly across the Kingdom, ACE has established Three Operation Centers, including the headquarters in Khobar. Each Regional Center has a Manager who has wide decision-making powers within his region. The individual Project Managers report to their respective Managers. This decentralization allows much closer control over each project and assures that clients will receive quick response to their needs. It has also allowed the Regional Centers to develop groups of specialists with unique understandings of the needs and opportunities within their areas.

In addition, technical specialists in a wide range of fields reside at ACE headquarters in Hofuf. They are directed wherever and whenever their particular expertise is required, thus assuring quality control throughout all ACE Tope rations. Through this combination of decentralized control, and concentrated technical strength, ACE can deliver the skills, the service, and the responsiveness that each client requires. ACE has painstakingly acquired vast expertise and confidence during the last 25 years by successfully completing scores of projects in record time under highly demanding conditions. ACE has leapt to the stature of a leading modern international consulting firm in a relatively short span of time.

Today, ACE is equipped with all the modern tools needed for efficiently accomplishing even the most complicated jobs. The firm is not only spearheading the present-day development of Saudi Arabia, it is also applying the techniques patiently learned in many developing countries of Africa and the Middle East. ACE has gathered experts from around the world, as well as those recruited from the growing ranks of bright young Saudi Arabs with technical degrees.

ACE employees have a broad range of expertise, and they make the company truly multinational in flavor. This is one reason that ACE has the flexibility to successfully cooperate with joint venture partners on a global basis.

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Architecture & Engineering

Architecture present, blending the current trends of tastes with the history of that community. ACE has always been on the forefront as far as this sector is concerned. Numerous projects related to Religious, Institutional and Commercial buildings, Residential developments, Recreational and Tourism projects, Schools, Training centers and Rehabilitation centers, Universities and Research centers as well as Medical facilities have been taken on with great courage and enthusiasm by our skilled professionals over the years, throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Planning, Site Development and Infrastructure

Every project goes through the logical stages of conception, planning and then development including Architecture and Engineering. ACE has been responsible for Master, Urban and Recreational Planning of a number of projects throughout the Kingdom, supplemented by site development and Infrastructure, covering water and sewerage networks, sewage treatment plants, storm drainage systems,material handling, sand stabilization as well as sea water cooling. Example of projects can be viewed in the enclosed list of projects.

Projects and Construction Management

The process of Project Management is a proven method which combines the project phases of pre-design, design, tender, construction and occupancy into a series of tightly integrated tasks. This will frequently bring together the Owner, Designer and Construction Manager in an interactive relationship and will allow the Owner to participate in the construction process. With the tendency now towards Design Build and Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) schemes of construction, there may be many partners and participants linked to the process. ACE has the experience and expertise to ensure that a smooth operating link is formed so as not to impede the progress of the project as can so often happen. In addition to the traditional design and build, with one general contractor approach, there is the option of the fast-tracked, multi-packaged approach. Fasttracking allows the acceleration of the project duration by the overlapping of the design and construction activities. Whichever method is appropriate for a particular project, ACE has the experience to ensure the delivery of a project that is on time and within budget. The process of Construction Management treats the planning, design and construction phases of a project as integrated tasks rather than separate functions. Using this project delivery method, ACE applies the latest management techniques to planning, design and construction so that time, cost and quality are assured for the owner. At the inception of a project, ACE formulates critical project decisions into a coordinated and objective plan. This includes the formation of a project team comprised of the owner, designer and construction manager. Who offers construction expertise during the design phase to monitor and control the design and construction efforts, producing the desired completed facility.

Highways and Transportation

ACE enjoys a longstanding experience in the area of Transportation Planning and engineering. Our skills in this sector range from Roads and Highways to Railways including flyovers, interchanges, tunnels, underpasses and bridges. We maintain a devoted team of qualified and skilled professionals having extensive experience in planning and design of highways and bridges.

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